Summertime relaxation in a small hot tub

Jacuzzi invariably provides instant holiday feels. A splash in the warm water, and you feel totally Zen. The relaxed comfort of a jacuzzi and the formula "relaxation" of which no institution or public pool wellness escaping.

Relax in summer and winter

There is a temperate climate in Belgium. So even if a pool in the garden seems like a good idea, we have a lot of bad weather and rain each year. The number of days per year where you can sunbathe by the pool in our Belgian country can often be counted on one hand. And if you want to heat your pool, pepper energy bill is guaranteed. In a Jacuzzi, by cons, you will find both a refreshment during the hottest summer days and a nice dose of heat in winter well. Water is easy to heat up to a temperature of 40 °, while in winter, spa provides warmth and summer cool because you can adjust the spa temperature.

Luxury is affordable online

The time when only happy could afford a jacuzzi of the past. Today, you have a pattern of small hot tubs for sale at a low price in the online portal’s rays. Depending on the size of the material used and the many options, it's time to think about the air jet at the Jet propulsion, lighting and the price can vary greatly. So, do you opt for a small jacuzzi for a head-to-head or XL model to have fun with your whole group of friends?

The small spa on the terrace

After taking a look at the wide selection, you can immediately store the image in a giant jacuzzi villa garden. Even in a small urban garden or even on the roof terrace, Jacuzzi is perfect. An area of 4 m2 is sufficient to create your own Zen place.

A house minimalist garden LED lighting creates the magic of this meeting between friends at the spa. You do what you want with your garden.

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