Get your jacuzzi fitted in time for the cold weather

In winter, your in-ground pool is no longer usable, that's for sure. By cons it is possible to swim in a spa. The advantage of a spa is that you can use it both in summer and winter, unlike your pool. Choose a solid spa and install it according to the advice of the pros. You can immerse yourself in the hot water even if the snow covers your garden: what an original setting! There is no need to winterize the spa in winter (as is done with a pool). Take advantage of a home Jacuzzi during the winter period.

The great idea: your spa, even under the snow

Instead of being locked in a room in your home, summer or winter, know that you can enjoy relaxing massages of a bubble bath outdoors and indoors. The insulation of a spa is such that the water remains at high temperature (about 37 ° C), even if the outside temperatures go down into the negative. This means that in the middle of winter, you can put yourself in a swimsuit and enjoy the spa. The difficulty will be managing the temperature shift between outdoor air and spa water. If you are a lover of wellness equipment, this should not be a problem. The winters are cold and you need some comfort? Install your spa near the house for some heat. There are also spa shelters. Apart from your bathing, do not forget to cover your spa with its lid to keep the heat of the water! But above all, check with your manufacturer if the outdoor spa you choose is suitable for such use.

Spa and winter sports: the ideal combination

The spa after a day of skiing or snowshoeing: it's a formula that works. The "winter sports and balneo" offers are becoming quite popular in high mountain centers. Think about it if you are looking for a holiday idea for your winter vacation. Inside or outside, the spa is really for the whole year.

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