Feel the benefits of a true jacuzzi session

When we think of the jacuzzi tub, we immediately imagine the feelings of well-being that ensue: dive into a very hot bath, let yourself be massaged by hydrojets . It is true that the jacuzzi, and more generally balneotherapy and thalassotherapy equipment are recognized for their very interesting relaxing effects. But the jacuzzi also has other virtues. Let's find out!

Relaxation, massage and other benefits

When immersed in a hot whirlpool (33 to 40 ° C), air bubbles have a relaxing effect and the well-being felt helps to fight against stress, anxiety and improves the quality of the body. sleep.

The water jets have massaging properties on the whole body or in a targeted way according to the orientation of the nozzles and their power. They can be used to eliminate muscle tension, relieve the joints of people with osteoarthritis and arthritis (effect reinforced by the feeling of weightlessness), low back tension, back stiffness.

Hydromassage stimulates blood circulation and facilitates the elimination of toxins. Balneotherapy would also have an impact on digestive disorders, cellulite, migraines, heavy legs, etc.

Psychological virtues

As we have seen, the jacuzzi can bring a real relaxing effect, and this instantly, as soon as you enter the bath. In this way, it is ideal for people who are subject to stress and anxiety, but it also offers a feeling of well-being, especially for people who tend to depress or for those who have difficulty in to sleep.

Beauty virtues

Another interesting interest of the jacuzzi: its virtues concerning the beauty. Although this aspect is less known, it remains very relevant to the extent that people suffering from skin problems such as acne or eczema or those who have cellulite can find a natural remedy with the jacuzzi for improve their condition. Indeed, regarding skin problems, the jacuzzi first of all relaxes, which can directly play on the skin when we know that skin problems are often related to stress issues.

To conclude, hot water has beneficial effects on the body and mind. Whether aesthetic or used for fitness, spa treatments are more and more popular for getting back in shape and well-being.

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