What shape for my whirlpool bath?

Once you have chosen the type of equipment that suits you, you can think about integrating the structure into the space available in your bathroom. Note that there are all forms of whirlpool bath: triangle, for corners, rectangular, oval but also trapezoid, for the most difficult to access places. Rectangular bathtubs provide more comfort, asymmetrical models save space, and round bathtubs offer a cocooning spirit.
Another point of importance: the number of possible positions in the bathtub. The most sophisticated models offer you 2 positions, corresponding to the location of the headrests, and each gives access to a different massage, depending on the location of the nozzles.

As for the style, here again there are many variations: transparent side, colored border, whirlpool-shower combination, headrest in an original color or shape, designer taps, stairs, etc. Contrary to what one might think, in fact, not all spa baths are unsightly!

What options for my whirlpool bath?

When choosing your whirlpool bath, consider the type of order. Is it a screen integrated in the pool, a wireless remote control, a touch screen? On some models, the buttons are integrated into the handles, on either side of the bath, and are therefore more discreet.


Some devices project colored lights into the water in the bathtub, with very different effects depending on the hue. Green would decrease insomnia, purple would act on cramps, and yellow would tone muscles! It's up to you to choose the color you want.


Some spas are equipped with an aroma diffuser. Add a few drops of essential oils, and you will combine the pleasure of massage with the benefits of smells, to eliminate stress or relieve headaches.

Music therapy

To complete the relaxation program, there are bathtubs incorporating ... audio systems! The whole thing is perfectly water resistant, of course, and allows you to listen to the music of your choice thanks to a USB port. The sound waves are then propagated in your bath water!

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