Different fonctions for different jacuzzi tubs

A spa may be a true compendium of technology. Hydromassage nozzles, booster, blower, filtration, heating, pumps, understanding how a bathtub works will allow you to settle on the foremost efficient model and therefore the most economical to use. The water and air circuit during a spa Under and round the tank, an entire network of pipes ensures the circulation of water and air.

The filtration circuit which, as its name suggests, filters the water

The spas filtration circuit leads the water from a skimmer which rids the surface of the water of impurities to the filter. Some spas even have a bottom strainer to suck up debris from rock bottom of jacuzi tubs. In an overflow spa, the water enters a gutter or buffer tank. This contaminated water is purified by a filter. The clean water then passes through a heating plant before being reintroduced into the tank. This water circulation is feasible because of one or more pumps. The hydrojets and therefore the blower of a spa. The quality of the spa is that the quality of the massage. Currently you discover two sorts of jets during a spa: hydrojets and bubbles.

Spa hydrojets

These are the nozzles which, by sending a mix of predicament and pressurized air, provide massages on specific areas of the body (neck, shoulders, arms, lower back, legs, soles of the feet, etc.).They are powered by one or more boosters or massage pumps and a booster. The greater the amount of hydrojets, the more powerful the pump (s) must be.Their number is a smaller amount important than their positioning and therefore the quality of the massage they provide: invigorating, relaxing, energizing massage, etc.

The spa blower

This anglicism refers to the bubble pump that feeds small air nozzles located at rock bottom of the seats and therefore the tank. they're pleasant for rest and relaxation. they are doing not have a targeted action like hydrojets.It is advisable that the air is heated so as to not cool the water.

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