The round built-in spa

Very aesthetic and friendly, the round built-in spa invites you to relax, whether as a couple, family or friends. The desire to buy spa for your home is to give yourself access to tranquility and well-being.


The round shape of the spa already reveals softness, an effect that is sought during a spa session. Its recessed model offers incomparable discretion combined with the elegance it exudes. A home spa is to increase the real estate value of your home. The round spa is appreciated by everyone because in a bathroom or in one, it builds a haven of well-being and outside, it calls for moments of shared pleasure with friends or family.

The round built-in spa works with hydro massage nozzles and jets like all spas. Its difference, its round shape which at first sight combines relaxation, pleasure and conviviality.


The installation of a round built-in spa requires the intervention of a professional. For this, you can ask your manufacturer tropic spa to guide you.

Indeed, to install your spa, it is important to proceed with the analysis of the ground whether it is for an installation inside or outside. This step is more than necessary because it will guarantee the safety of your spa as well as yours. Note that once installed, you cannot change your mind about the location because your spa is already built in or buried. To ensure the quality of the soil, it would be preferable after digging and earthworks to apply a reinforced concrete slab to accommodate the spa.

It would also be wise to provide a room for the technical group of the spa because it would be unconventional for a sanctuary of relaxation to reveal the entire spa system. Try to arrange cables and piping well to provide a variety of escape times even for sight. Finally, make sure that the location of the spa is close to a supply of electricity and water.

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