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If you are an amateur or a lover of the underwater environment, this site is entirely for you. It's a platform that only talks about diving and everything related to scuba diving. You will have on your screen photos, documents as well as various proposals of diving spots. But the site offers even more with tips and tricks, interviews and many other things that would allow us to share your passion for the sea.

Diving in Divenstuff

Everything about diving is what the site tries to achieve through these pages. We really want to share experiences with photos of the most beautiful diving sites and pictures of breathtaking marine environment. You could certainly see such a landscape in your experience as a diver or you would also like to admire such beauties but in any case you are on the right site. Besides these images, also offers you videos, unpublished movies that we shot during underwater expeditions with professionals. Finally, still in the videos category, we often post videos of interviews of the greatest divers of the moment who also tell their experiences and their perception of things.

All about diving

It is certainly very advantageous to share anecdotes and various experiences friends we want to offer more. Also, you will have the chance to benefit from advice and guidance on various diving gear such as fins, suits, snorkels and masks. Then, we will also indicate on
The various diving clubs and establishments that provide training on the subject. You will also discover all the news and news about the ocean. Different divers around the world will keep us up to date with the new spots they have discovered, the places they have visited, the things they have seen and the countries they plan to visit. In short, this platform is a complete review on diving.

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